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Multi-Room Music

Enjoy your music virtually anywhere and everywhere in your home. With easy access to your digital music collection, your options are virtually limitless. You can listen to the game as you're working in the garage while your wife is enjoying her favorite pop, jazz, or easy listening playlist in the kitchen. And your daughter can be bouncing to every Britney song ever produced in her room while the boys are cranking def jams in the game room. The best part? You have total control over what your kids are listening to, and how loud it is.


Like most people, you probably have music everywhere. Multiple iPods throughout the house; hard drives, PCs or NAS drives with your digital music collections; stereos with your favorite local stations; and maybe even streaming music services like XM Sirius, Rhapsody or Pandora. It can be almost impossible to find that one, favorite song or figure out how to make a playlist using songs from different sources. We can make it easy to access all of your music sources from one, central interface and let you create playlists, mixing any of the sources.