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Smart Lighting

Have custom, ambient lighting throughout your entire home. Our solutions help you create a beautifully lit home that is also responsive to your needs. And we make it easy to be green. You can use the system to manage your lights?one of the biggest energy wastes in any home. Motion sensors can turn off lights when no one is in the room and by setting your lights to dim automatically by just a small amount, your eyes won't notice, but your electric bill will.


Picture it. No more midnight missions through the house to make sure lights are off and the house is secure for the night. With the single push of a button, lights can turn off, a bathroom light might dim to 10% for the kids, the TVs shut off, the thermostat drops the temperature a few degrees, and the alarm is armed. And your system will notify you if any doors are left open, including the garage. Even better, you can easily add lighting control to your current home because our products leverage existing wiring.